Snowing day ❄️🌨

So beautiful snowing Sunday!! Nice cozy snuggle up in house with my little family!! And while my pot roast beef is in oven cooking! Yum! Yes I’m still feeling very sick and exhausted and so weak. But I’m so grateful it’s not worse than that and that baby didn’t get sick so far!!! 🤞🤞 stay that way!! ❤️ here is my sleeping precious son

Sleeping baby boy 💙🥰😘

Here is recipe for my pot roast beef.

Ranch & Onion Pot Roast Beef. 1 pot roast beef chunk. 1 packet ranch seasoning 1 packet onion soup/ dip mix. 1 stick butter. 1 packet Au Jus gravy. 4-cup water to 6 cup water (depends on size of roast). Add seasoning salt, salt, pepper at your own taste. Put all together in crockpot or roaster pan in oven. If you have long busy day go for crockpot put on 8 hours cooking. Or if you want toaster oven you can use that at 5hours at 400 degrees. If you want to add carrots and onions and potatoes in then wait till 6 hours cooking then add those in and let it cooked for rest of 2 hours (for crockpot) if use ( roaster oven) let it cooking for 3 hours then add them in cooked for 2hours. Or if you prefer mashed potatoes to go with meat you can! 😃🙌🏼😋

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